Photo of The C.U.B. Process by Ellen Phillips

The C.U.B. Process by Ellen Phillips

By Ellen Phillips



This is a great VoiceThread example because it gives both students and parents access to an important lesson that they can play as many times as they need. C.U.B. is a great strategy to use on any type of question and in any content area. It teaches students to analyze the question by breaking it down into smaller parts to make it easier to comprehend and answer.


I began by breaking the C.U.B. process down into as few easy steps as possible. I also made sure I gave examples and clear audio directions for each step.


The goal of this project was to clearly define the steps of the C.U.B. process and give students specific examples from which they could learn.


A difficulty I ran into was the incompatibility of VoiceThread with other programs. I made a presentation in OpenOffice and imported it into VoiceThread which did not recognize the font I used. This disrupted the formatting of my presentation. Consider exporting your work to .PDF first!


Allow students and parents to comment on projects. Many misconceptions can easily be cleared up and it’s a non-threatening way to communicate.


This VoiceThread can be varied by adding a song or chant to help students remember the process. Also, more sample open response questions could be added to allow students to practice the strategy on their own.